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About Neil

My Journey to becoming a clinical hypnotist started when I was a child, my fascination with the work done by celebrity stage hypnotist Paul McKenna then on to the works of Derren Brown.
Back in the real world I sought hypnotherapy treatment from a close friend to help with an addiction to sugar, with the results surprising both myself and my friends. This really lit a candle in my belly and I started to read as much information as I could about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
As time went on and I struggled to find a meaning and happiness in a few different careers I noticed that the desire to help people was not being fulfilled with the vocations that I was doing. It was not until I sought out help for a different eating disorder - a fear of vegetables - that the suggestion of studying clinical hypnotherapy was given to me. Given that I get great satisfaction from helping people, paired with his underlying knowledge of hypnotherapy and how the mind works, my hypnotherapist offered me a place on his training course.

During the first few months of the training course I was in the process of applying to become a police officer and fulfill a lifelong ambition. My initial thinking was that hypnosis and language patterns would be a brilliant addition to my tool box and assist me greatly in being a police constable. It wasn't until I had gotten a taste of being able to help people on a level that is unparalleled and seeing the changes that they had made, that the bug had really bitten. This brought me to the easy decision of withdrawing my police officer application at the final interview stage and set up my own practice.

Neil Brown - Clinical Hypnotist