Overcome Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.

With Neil Brown Hypnotherapy, we will help you tackle the Root Cause to Liberate You from Mental Struggles - See Our Client Testimonials.

Hypnosis for anxiety
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Hypnosis for Anxiety

Find the Peace You're Looking For.

Neil Brown hypnotherapy is dedicated to helping you find the peace and clarity you're looking for. Through a combination of relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy; hypnosis and a trauma informed approach. We can help you overcome the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD by overcoming the cause(s).

Long standing emetophobia GONE in a couple of sessions.

     I've done so many things I couldn't have done before!     

In the video testimonial you can hear Alice' story about how she overcame life stopping emetophobia (fear of being sick) and the associated anxiety symptoms in just a couple of sessions. She explains how she is now enjoying life and looking forward to becoming a midwife. 

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Here’s What You’ll Get

Freedom from anxiety

Are you struggling to overcome the effects of anxiety? Neil Brown Hypnotherapy offers a safe, natural, and laid back approach to finding relief. Find freedom from the symptoms of anxiety and other mental health issues with Neil Brown Hypnotherapy.

overcome the cause

Get the help you deserve and need to finally overcome the cause(s) of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. With Neil Brown Hypnotherapy, you can find a safe, natural, and laid back environment to help you fight these issues head on.

natural positivity

Retrain your brain with hypnotherapy and your FREE positive mindset journal. Take control of your wellbeing and feel better - naturally.


About Leeds' Trusted Anxiety and Depression Expert, Neil Brown

Neil Brown Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy practice based in Leeds, specialising in helping people overcome anxiety, depression and PTSD. For many years, Neil has been using his experience and skill to help people overcome various mental health issues as well as fears / phobias and quitting smoking. 


With Neil’s knowledge and understanding of how the mind works, he is able to develop bespoke sessions tailored around the individual’s needs. He believes that by providing a safe and supportive environment, he can help clients to make the changes they want to make in their lives. 


Neil has been working as a hypnotherapist for a number of years and has dedicated his career to helping people, enabling them to make positive changes. His approach is all about providing compassionate, non-judgemental, and professional support and he is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals.


If you’re looking for someone to help you overcome anxiety, depression and PTSD, or any other issue, Neil Brown Hypnotherapy can help. Book your free consultation with Neil and start the process of transforming your life today.

*  Due to the complex nature of how the brain works, previous successes do not guarantee future success.

Sean ChewSean Chew
18:43 20 Dec 22
thank you Neil, after suffering for 20 years with panic attacks and anxiety, 4 sessions helped me understand why and lay a lot of things to rest. I'm not 100% there just yet but I feel more confident than I have in years and I'm able to get back to some normality. each day gets easier and easier.I've previously had CBT but found seeing Neil has been the most effective therapy I have usedthank you Neil
19:55 01 Nov 22
Neil is an amazing therapist and I would highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of issue/problem. He has completely changed my perspective and helped me to feel at peace. The sessions do not feel time limited and you feel as though you are actually getting to the root cause of the problem which I have never experienced in therapy before. It was my first time going to hypnotherapy and Neil made me feel at ease, and actually got to know and understand me as a person.
Jodie AsquithJodie Asquith
16:25 07 Sep 22
Absolutely AmazingI actually chose Neil based on his latest review and must say was very sceptical at 1st in my opinions on Hypnosis. I was extremely freaked out by the thought of it all however my current situation outweighed my fears and worries so I decided to take the plunge. Let me firstly start off by saying I literally had one session. Like a only went to ma second session to burst with pride and enthusiasm as to how I felt and how I had taken control of my life. The 1st time I went I was literally a nervous wreck. A actually had a panic attack on the way. Niel is ace. He like actually felt like a friend and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend and commend you Neil. He also offers you to go back if things creep back in. All included in the initial fee. I have no doubt he would have given me as many sessions as I needed. So a one off fee is actually a great idea. Don’t hesitate to book am still amazed as to how I feel.
Graham LawtonGraham Lawton
19:41 23 Aug 22
Never been happier in my entire life!Ten Thousand Stars, I never imagined you could just press the reset and start over, without anything or anyone holding you back, all over and done in just a few sessions. From hating life and wanting to evaporate into thin air to loving and living my best life.Since meeting Neil, I've taken up kiteboarding, bought a campervan, I'm away every weekend literally all over the country, ive made so many new friends and given up needing to be in a relationship to feeling whole and weirdly get way more interest than I ever did.Work life balance is more balance than work now, it's so easy to make new friends and chat to random strangers. In fact I go out of my way to find people to chat with and before I hated even going into shops! For the first time in my life I feel completely comfortable in my own skin and own my life.It's like the brakes are off and the world a playground, I'm excited to be part of the world and taking part.An absolute pleasure meeting Neil, he's so easy to share person deep feelings with. Never rushed or discarded ridiculous thoughts and feelings from my past. I felt that Neil was 110% committed to sort things out and wouldn't stop until he had, in fact I think I actually surprised him when I said I was finished and didn't need anymore sessions.It's not cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than wasting your life in pain and suffering. Worth every penny x2, I don't think you'll find anyone better.From social anx and self lothing to buzzing about everything and anything a thousand times more energy.Cannot thank him enough, life changing experience. If you're stuck with anything and can't get passed it go see the man, just go for it! I guarantee you will not regret it.Thank you Neil! X
Becky PerrellaBecky Perrella
13:19 19 May 22
I highly recommend Neil to anyone who is struggling with letting go of a past negative experience. Neil is friendly, easy to talk to and very skilled at helping you to overcome the problem in very little time. After just a couple of sessions with Neil I experienced a wonderful breakthrough that helped me to see a problem I had been struggling for many years in a different way and overcome it with ease. Thank you Neil.
Daryl KeelingDaryl Keeling
16:22 19 Oct 21
Neil offers a very professional service, very understanding and easy to talk to,.Very relaxed and friendy environment.After just a few session I have definitely felt the difference. Good location and parking provided. I would highly recommend his services.
Ruben MonteiroRuben Monteiro
08:07 01 Apr 21
Neil is a lot more than just a Hypnotherapist:First, and more importantly to me, he is a great human being.80% of the session success was due to the way he was able to build trust and empathy. Something that only a very few people are able to do in a true and honest way these days.Then, as a professional, I believe I was given the right tools to tackle the issues I'm going through in my life. What we worked had been very effective, and that's what matters.
Nikki MorganNikki Morgan
16:28 12 Dec 20
Both me and my husband went to see Neil.And Wow..... really helped us when we thought we were untreatable.He really helps you look at things differently and helps you deal with your issues.I would 100% recommend Neil Brown .... he’s VERY good at what he does. A really nice genuine guy.Thanks Neil 😊
18:25 24 Sep 20
Neil has been working with me for some months now in order to eliminate an issue I worried wouldn’t be resolved. What started off as something that was an hourly occurrence subsequently became daily and then maybe every other day, a huge step for me.Neil has an approach perfect for me; direct, pragmatic and not afraid to give me the harsh reality.I would recommend Neil to anyone who feels hampered by things they turn over in their head and subsequently magnify into bigger, non existent issues.
Rita MilnerRita Milner
20:48 11 Feb 20
A rewarding experience in that Neil put me at my ease and helped me look at my issues from a different perspective. After only two sessions I feel I can start to remove the blocks which are preventing me from getting the most out of my life. Thank you.
Gemma HainsworthGemma Hainsworth
11:29 06 Dec 19
Neil was brilliant, he made me feel really at ease from the start. The session has helped me deal with an issue that I thought couldn't be resolved. The whole process was great, really positive and I feel a lot better. I would definitely recommend Neil to anyone.

No Anxiety or Panic attacks in TWO Months.

  considering how bad they've been that's quite an improvement!  

In this very shot clip from a video testimonial Sam explains how bad and frequently he was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks after realising how long it's been since his last one.   

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Overcoming Anxiety: How Hypnosis Targets the Root Cause

Anxiety can be a debilitating condition, but what if there was a way to get to its root and eliminate the symptoms effectively? Let's explore how hypnosis plays a significant role in anxiety management and why this technique could be the answer you've been searching for.

Can Hypnosis Get Rid of Anxiety?

Yes, hypnosis can help get rid of anxiety. It's a powerful tool that tackles the root cause of anxiety rather than merely addressing the symptoms. By guiding you into a deeply relaxed state, hypnosis allows you to access and address the subconscious beliefs and thoughts that trigger anxiety. This approach facilitates profound change, enabling you to overcome anxiety in a few sessions.

How Long Does Hypnosis Take to Work for Anxiety?

The duration it takes for hypnosis to alleviate anxiety varies depending on the individual's unique needs and circumstances. Some people experience significant relief after just one session, while others may require a few sessions to see noticeable change. It's important to approach hypnosis with an open mind and commitment to the process. Remember, you can schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and concerns. 

How Do You Overcome Anxiety Symptoms?

Overcoming anxiety symptoms is a process that requires courage and patience. Hypnosis, as we’ve outlined, is one of the most effective methods. By overcoming the root cause of your anxiety, it enables you to change your response to stressors and traumas, potentially eliminating anxiety symptoms.

What are 5 Coping Skills for Anxiety?

In addition to hypnosis, incorporating these coping skills into your routine can be beneficial:

  1. Mindfulness and meditation: These practices keep you rooted in the present moment, preventing your mind from dwelling on past regrets or future worries.

  2. Physical exercise: Regular exercise releases endorphins, natural mood boosters that can reduce anxiety.

  3. Balanced diet: Eating healthy foods, including those rich in omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, can help manage anxiety symptoms.

  4. Deep breathing techniques: This is a quick, easy way to reduce immediate feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation.

  5. Quality sleep: Poor sleep can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. Aim for 7-9 hours per night to ensure your mind and body are well-rested.


Anxiety and depression GONE in a few sessions

     I'm a lot more level headed. This process has really helped me!     

In the video testimonial you can hear Joe' story about how he overcame anxiety and depression in just a few sessions. He explains how he had tried, without success, various other therapies before finding myself. 

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Anxiety In Brief

  • Anxiety is a symptom of an unresolved issue. Many people aren't aware of their anxiety causing issue. If this is the case with you, I can help you learn the source or overcome the cause content free; meaning that you don't need to be aware of the cause.
  • One in six people in the UK are experiencing anxiety symptoms at any one time.
  • Natural response: Anxiety is a normal human emotion and can serve as a helpful response to perceived threats or stressors, but when excessive, it can negatively impact daily life.
  • Age-Independent: Anxiety can impact people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Everyone deserves support in overcoming anxiety.
  • Effective treatment: Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety, with a study by Alladin and Alibhai (2007) demonstrating that 71% of participants experienced a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms.
hypnotherapy session

Unlock the Power of Hypnotherapy: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Caused by Stress or Trauma

In today's fast-paced world, anxiety, stress, and depression are increasingly common challenges. Hypnotherapy offers a powerful and natural solution, helping individuals reclaim control and improve their mental health. Discover how hypnotherapy can benefit you in overcoming anxiety, stress, depression, and panic attacks.

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy taps into the power of your subconscious mind, unearthing deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns that contribute to anxiety and depression. By replacing negative thoughts with positive, empowering ones, hypnotherapy helps create lasting change and promote a healthier mindset.

Experience Rapid Relief from Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be debilitating and disruptive. Hypnotherapy effectively addresses the root causes of panic attacks, providing rapid relief and equipping you with tools to prevent future episodes. By cultivating a sense of calm and control, you can regain your confidence and embrace life with renewed vigor.

Heal from Trauma and Manage Stress

Stress and trauma can be significant factors in developing anxiety and depression. Hypnotherapy helps you uncover and process traumatic experiences, fostering healing and personal growth. Simultaneously, it teaches stress-management techniques to build resilience and minimize the impact of daily stressors.

Embrace the transformative power of hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety, stress, depression, and panic attacks. By unlocking your subconscious mind and fostering a healthier outlook, you can take control of your mental well-being and live a more fulfilling life. Experience the benefits of hypnotherapy and embark on your journey towards lasting change and happiness.

hypnotised girl

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis: A Journey into the Depths of Your Mind

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of consciousness, similar to light REM sleep, where your mind visualises and experiences but becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and change. During hypnosis, you remain fully in control and aware of your surroundings while experiencing a deeply relaxed and focused state.

While being hypnotised, you may notice your breathing slows down, your body feels heavier or lighter, and your thoughts drift effortlessly. This tranquil state enables your subconscious mind to access and reframe limiting beliefs or habits.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, everyone has the potential to be hypnotised, as it's a skill that can be developed through practice. The key lies in your willingness to participate and trust in the process. So, embark on the fascinating journey of hypnosis and unlock the door to personal transformation and growth.

What Is Neuroplasticity? How Does it Help?

Neuroplasticity is basically the brains ability to form new neuro connections thoughout life. People sometimes find it difficult to break away from old pathways to create new ones, this is known as a habit. This is particularly the case for people that experience anxiety. With hypnosis; Neil will teach you new thought processes at an unconscious level. Then you will be able to begin to process information in a new and empowered way and enable you to feel calmer. Watching the short video about neuroplasticity from Sentis will give you a good basic understanding.

Do You Experience These Anxiety Symptoms

  • Agitation
  • Catastrophic event
  • Chest tightness
  • Dry mouth
  • Inner Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Irrational dread
  • Irritability
  • Panic attacks
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating


Single Session


  • Single session
  • Up to 2.5hr duration
  • Equivalent to £90 per hour

Secure Booking & Payment.


4 Session Package

Saving of 12.5% (£113)


  • 4 Sessions
  • 2.5 hr Sessions
  • Free Hypno MP3's
  • £0 deposit required
  • Spread the cost with Payl8r or Klarna
  • Equivalent to £78.70 /hr

Secure Booking & Payment.


10 Session Package

Saving of 12% (£263)


  • 10 Sessions
  • 2.5 hr Sessions
  • Free Hypno MP3's
  • £0 deposit required
  • Spread the cost with Payl8r or Klarna
  • Free mindset journal & pen
  • Between session support
  • Equivalent to £79.48 /hr

Secure Booking & Payment.

Finance Option

Spread the cost of the 4 / 10 session package with Payl8r.

Secure Booking & Payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I don't wake up?

This is not possible. If after putting someone in to a hypnotic trance, the hypnotist was to suddenly drop dead, of two things would happen;

• The client will immediately wake up or "shock awaken"

• The client will fall in to a normal sleep and awaken when he/she is ready.

There is absolutely no chance of anyone being "locked" in hypnosis forever.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, every human being can be hypnotised with the following three exceptions:

• Young children under approx. 5 years of age. 

• Severely mentally disturbed.

• People who choose not to be hypnotised.

People do go in to different depths of hypnosis but hypnotherapy can be of benefit to everyone that is wanting change. 

Will I blurt out all my secrets?

No, you will always be in full control of everything you say. There is no question of being in the power of the hypnotist and made to do things you don't want to do. 

However, anything shared by you is treat with the strictest of confidentiality.

Will I actually be asleep?

No, you will neither be asleep or awake but somewhere in the middle. You will be in a state in which all of your natural senses will be around 30% more efficient than usual. You will be fully aware of what is going on at all times. 

It feels very much like when you're having a vivid dream.

Will I do things against my will?

No, you will not. A person in hypnosis is in total control of the situation at all times. 

Although the word "sleep" is used frequently in hypnosis, a person in hypnosis is not actually asleep. In fact he/she is neither wide awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between and the unconscious mind is in a heightened state of awareness

Therefore, you will not be "made to dance around like a chicken".

Why is your consultation free?

The free constulataion is the perfect time for you and I to get to know each other; so that I can understand what you are wanting to achieve from working with me. I will use this time to ask you some questions so that I can better tailor your therapy sessions to suit your needs.

While the consultation is free of charge, a valid debit/credit card is required to make the appointment and failure to attend will incur a charge of £20.

Do I have to buy your services?

Absolutely not.

There is no point in pressuring you to work with me, this will not create a good rapport and will make the work very difficult.

How many sessions will I need?

That is impossible to answer here as everyone is different. Some people only need one session, some people need several. 

Why do you require my credit / debit card for a free appointment?

Simply, I was getting too many people booking a free consultation and not attending their appointment. Your card details will act as security for your appointment. Should you not attend the appointment without cancelling it beforehand then your card will be charged £25. If however you do attend your appointment, your card will NOT be charged. 

How long does a session last?

Working with me will entail overcoming the initial cause of your issue and not just putting a plaster of it. Therefore sessions with me take approximately 2.5 hours. 

Can you help my child?

While I do not work with children under 16. Hypnotherapy for young people and children is both safe and very effective. Children naturally use their unconscious mind and their imagination frequently, so they tend to respond very well to hypnotherapy. It's important to consider if your child is wanting to take part in therapy.

Do you offer online sessions?

I certainly do. Both online consultations and online sessions are conducted through Zoom. You will be sent a link in your confirmation and reminder emails. You will need to have the app on your hardware (phone, tablet, laptop etc). 

I'm nervous about my appt...

Feeling nervous before any of your consultation and first appointment is perfectly normal and it's ok for you to feel this way. Pushing through this nervousness is the first step to overcoming your issue.

Part of my job is to help you relax and this will happen naturally as part of your session and then induction into the hypnotic trance. By the end of the session you'll wonder why you felt nervous in the first place. 

Can I get Hypnosis on the NHS?

Access to hypnotherapy through the NHS is very limited but you can discuss this with your healthcare provider. However it's not widely available, which means Neil and other hypnotists generally work privately. All good hypnotists will be happy to communicate with your healthcare provider if this is your wish.

Change begins with you

Hypnosis for anxiety
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