Hypnosis For Anxiety

Heals minds​ and changes lives

Hypnsosis for anxiety is proven to be one of the most effective techniques. Not only will it help alleviate those unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions; but also you will feel more confident.

Hypnosis For Anxiety Client


Very impressed and would recommend highly. After experiencing high anxiety regarding a heart operation, I was astounded by how calm I was after my hypnotherapy session with Neil. I was even laughing and joking mid operation.

​Kim S. ​Former anxiety ​client

Are you currently feeling anxious? Follow this video tutorial 

When you're feeling anxious, follow the instructions on this video to reduce the feelings down to zero until you come see me. However, even if you're not feeling anxious at this instant; you could practice this technique. Once you have mastered the process, you will be prepared in the event that an anxiety attack occurs prior to your hypnosis sessions.

Neuroplasticity and anxiety!

​​Neuroplasticity is basically the brains ability to form new neuro connections thoughout life. People sometimes find it difficult to break away from old pathways to create new ones, this is known as a habit. This is particularly the case for people that live in fear, either temporarily or constantly of something unpleasant happening. With hypnosis; Neil will teach you new thought processes ​at an unconscious level. Then you will be able ​to begin to process information in a new and empowered way and enable you to feel calmer. Watching the short video about neuroplasticity from Sentis will give you a good basic understanding.

Anxiety In Brief

  • One in seven people in the UK are suffering from anxiety or stress at any one time.
  • Anxiety is the exaggeration of a concern or fear that is disproportionate to the situation, despite how this may feel. 
  • Some people manage to control stress or anxiety, while more and more people are showing signs of over anxiety (panic attacks). This can have an impact on your sleep, mental and physical well being; thus leading to a reduced quality of life.

​​​You Can ​Free Yourself Of These Common Anxiety Issues With Hypnosis. Are You Ready?

  • ​Agitation
  • ​Catastrophic event
  • ​Chest tightness
  • ​Dry mouth
  • ​Inner Tension
  • ​Insomnia
  • Irrational dread of...
  • ​Irritability
  • ​Panic attacks
  • ​Racing heartbeat
  • ​Shortness of breath
  • ​Sweating

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