Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The healthiest way to reduce your shape and size naturally is with hypnosis

Are you tired of being overweight and tried most of the fad diets and never really had sustained success? Weight loss hypnosis is the answer, find out below how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Brilliant experience. Hopefully will keep losing the fat at a nice steady pace. No dieting involved which is fab. You can eat what you want but you are in control. Not that little demon in your head telling you to eat anything and everything in sight. Really recommend Neil.

Nev. F. - Former hypnosis for weight loss client

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How I'll Guide You To Your Weight Loss Success

Four to six week personalised strategy plan.

Personalised craving busting session.

Removal of any unconscious blocks.

Hypnotic gastric band.

Progress tracking.

Improved health.

Exclusive gift bag for weight loss clients.

Free booster and MindGYM™ MP3's.

Don't want to commit to the 4-6 week program? Another option is a hypnotic gastric band. It is like having a real gastric band but without the need to have any medical procedures.

clipart image of a gastric band

Weight Loss Hypnosis Cost

Lose weight

Naturally and effectively



  • 4 - 6 week personalised strategy plan
  • Progress tracking
  • Personalised craving buster
  • Improved plan
  • Unconscious block removal
  • Hypnotic gastric band
  • Booster and MindGYM™ MP3's
  • Exclusive gift bag
Hypnotic gastric band

Simple, effective, non-intrusive



  • Single 2 hour session
  • Control food consumption

Change begins with you

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