Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

The most effective way to stop smoking for good with hypnosis

Greatly improve your long term health and save hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year when you quit smoking with hypnosis.

When you enter your own figures, you will see how much you could save when you quit smoking with hypnosis.

How I'll Help You To Successfully Stop Smoking

Break negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking so you can feel free of those unwanted cravings.

You will be able to be around smokers and not want to smoke with them.

Powerful hypnosis techniques will retrain the part of you that craves cigarettes

Teach you my craving busting technique that you can use anywhere, anytime. Just incase life throws a temptation at you.

Your health will begin to improve almost immediately when you quit smoking. 

Guarantee your stop smoking success with ongoing support.

Keeley G.

Former Smoker

Neil really helped me.

Neil is amazing, he really helped me quit smoking, makes you feel at ease as he’s a nice down to earth person, and he’s very good at hypnosis.


Former Smoker

I even use the craving buster for other things.

I wished I'd done this years ago. Neil was fantastic and a great coach. I particularly liked the craving buster, I even use it to help curb snacking on an evening.

Anna p.

Former Smoker

I have stopped smoking despite the odd urge.

I wanted to wait before I left this review. Since my session with Neil over 12 months ago I have stopped smoking, despite the odd urge that quickly goes away. I felt really relaxed in Neil's company and he did a great job at explaining everything to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cut down before my appointment?

That is totally up to you. Some people do and some people don't. It will have no impact on your success either way. 

Can you make my loved one stop smoking?

I can't make them do anything against their will. I can help them though. The real question here though is; does your loved one wish to stop smoking? If they don't then absolutely nothing will stop them from smoking.

Why not a cash back guarantee?

I offer free ongoing support instead of a cash refund guarantee because less than 10% of my clients ever need the support. Even if a client started smoking in any number of years, they could get that free support.

can i get a stop smoking session on the nhs?

Unfortunately, while the NHS accepts the power of hypnosis to stop smoking and some GP's even recommend it. The NHS don't currently provide this service.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Cost
Quit Smoking

Simply, Quickly and Effectively



  • Freedom from cigarettes
  • 2 hour session
  • Save ££££'s per year
  • Become healthier
  • Confidence around smokers
  • Lifetime success guarantee

Success Guarantee

I’m so confident that I can help you to quit smoking that I'm offering a success guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have an uncontrollable craving to smoke, just give me a call or book online, and I will see you again for free.

Change begins with you

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