Neil Brown Hypnotherapy 

Terms & Conditions


Appointments for both types of consultation calls can be made through this website. Links are provided to make appointments for anything else upon completion of a consultation call. To be able to make any type of appointment you will be required to agree to the below terms and conditions on the online booking form and provide a valid debit/credit card. 

Canceling or Rearranging appointments:
Cancelling or re-arranging an appointment can easily be done by following the link at the bottom of your confirmation/reminder e-mail or replying to your appointment confirmation/reminder email at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Failure to attend and not following the cancellation procedure will incur a charge as set out below and may result in the refusal of further services and the loss of any fees paid. 

No Shows:
Failure to attend your appointment without prior notification in accordance with the above cancelation terms will be charged as follows: 

Free Consultation: £25 

Initial Session: £150 (including first session of an unpaid session plan).

Session Plan: Loss of session from the session plan.

Lifetime Guarantee Clients: £150 + potential refusal of further services and loss of any fees paid. 

Discussions held between yourself and I will be treat with the strictest of confidence, except in the following circumstances;
Self harm: I may contact your GP if you appear to be suicidal or intend to self harm. 
Child abuse: If you divulge any information to me regarding any form of abuse towards a minor I am legally obliged to inform the relevant authorities.
Criminal activities: If you divulge any information to me regarding any criminal activity with which you are involved, the law requires me to act on this accordingly.

Payment is to be made in advance by Debit/Credit Card through the link provided in your reminder email or via bank transfer. Finance options are available upon request. Personal cheques are NOT accepted, businesses should make cheques payable to NEBRO Services LTD. 

Behavioural standards:
You will be treat with the utmost respect and the trust that you instil upon me will not be abused. I will use best practice at all times in order to help you achieve your goals. I will kindly request that in return, you will not harm yourself, me, any employees of Neil Brown Hypnotherapy, any other persons within the surrounding areas or any property belonging to either me, Neil Brown Hypnotherapy or anyone else. I expect you to agree to not come to any strategy calls or therapy sessions under the influence of any alcohol, illegal / recreational drugs or legal stimulants except those prescribed by your doctor. If you are to go against any of the aforementioned behavioural standards or the above terms, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and refuse any further therapy sessions with the loss of any fees paid. If necessary, the relevant services may also be contacted.

This website is not provided for and should not be considered as medical advice. It is intended solely for information gathering purposes as to the services provided by Neil Brown Hypnotherapy. This website is not under any circumstances to be considered as a self diagnosis tool. 
If you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, you should first contact your GP or existing specialist doctor. Due to the individual nature of how our minds process information; results may vary.